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BG030 | Tougher Than A Soldier's Boots

by Songs For Walter

Get your boots on, And come dance with us, Rubbing salt into the wound, Bring your placards and come dance with us, Party and the funerals. Oh it’s all so simple, You’ve just got to follow the rules, Oh it’s all so simple, Just slip on your Sunday shoes. Don’t look up now, Cos God is vengeful, And God has got his sights on you, Don’t look up the Lord is vengeful and God he’s got his sights on you. And you wait, on the flipside yeah, you’ll see its true, It’s just us, and we’ll laugh at the rest of you, And oh, I’m so excited that I can’t sleep. And when I wake, I’ve got so much work to do, I rejoice when I turn on the news, And oh, I’m so excited that I can’t sleep. Get your boots on, and come dance with us, rubbing salt into the wound, Bring your placards and come dance with us, party at the funerals. And oh, you can’t change, I’ve got so much work to do, And oh, you can’t change me, I’m tougher than a soldier’s boots.


Free download single released 11/5/2012 on Red Deer Club (UK) and Bleeding Gold Records (US)

Having spent the last 7 months furiously bringing his self-titled debut EP to life with numerous live performances around the UK and relishing a work ethic just as strong, Songs For Walter alter-ego Laurie Hulme has been bashing out new songs as though they're going out of fashion. And here it is, the pick of the latest bunch; a 2 and half minute trip of lo-fi strummery that comes perfectly timed with its autumnal meanderings.

Whereas the EP blissfully recalled stories of Hulme's late grandfather of the same name, 'Tougher Than a Soldier's Boots' marks previously unstomped ground for Walter drawing inspiration from places further flung. Lyrically it may sound like the result of some serious soul searching or the discovery of religion, but the only new found beliefs here are those born out of late night television viewing, more specifically attributed to the documentary of intrepid investigator Louis Theroux and his journey following extreme Baptist group the Westbro Baptist Church. “It was one of the most shocking programmes I’ve ever seen,” explains Laurie, “it really struck me how the conviction and arrogance they hold of a world view is based on utter hatred and intolerance, it's quite baffling.”

It may be that this time around Walter's stories are gone, but they're not entirely forgotten; Hulme's new songs unfold like narratives within themselves, worthy of any grandfather's tale to a grandson - traditional yet timeless, without pretence and always carrying a message. And things have been kept in the family still, with Hulme continuing to share production duties with his cousin Ed.

“Ed has a totally different approach to me, When we start off, we don’t know what to expect, which makes it really exciting. He starts by jamming, adding different elements and then paring everything down. You end up realising the importance of percussion and atmosphere.”

And once again, its atmosphere that beats at Songs For Walter's heart. Take flipside 'Where Are You Going?' - there's bags of it. From a lyric-deep self-reflection to the instrumental experimentation of mandolin and ukulele alongside a piano that's been recorded through a Dictaphone, the song becomes indisputably real with an almost mechanical-like melody that reels you in like The Postal Service or Jose Gonzalez were they experts in home recordings.

Whether we're good or not, there's sure to be more to come, after all, who are we to repress a workaholic? “We're currently working towards an LP. Since my songs are so short, I want to be able to have a full length record made up of a number of different components. Not a concept album as such, but I want it to be listened to as one piece of work, where all of the strands are interconnected.”

Sounds like a plan then, after all good things come to those who wait – though at this rate we thankfully won't have to wait too long.


released November 5, 2012


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