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BG050 | Moon Jelly

by Moon Jelly

Parasail 03:41
Away, away, away all I see is space What once where pastel shades are white washed and grey But why are there a trillion light bulbs hanging from the sky They always lead the way when all I see seems to fade I understand you understand Pretending is ok Beams of light always lead my way, wrap me in sails so my feet never have to touch the ground Away, away, away there are tangerines everywhere and the air smells like pears Be my balloon and I'll carry you back home I'm made out of glue so I'll always stick to you
10 Trains 04:26
Even though times not time, sometimes you're real, but it's not right and fishes can fly and marmalade's nice on rainy days when we stay inside. Falling under and away we go, it's all a deep green sky Awakened by 10 trains that somehow got way up high Plastic hues and oranges too make me feel so blue Let's climb 'till we fly and write a fugue for me and you Under blankets and see through sheets we fly under vast green skies And one by one when all our breathing's done we'll grow up high, like plants undying And even though time's not time, sometimes you're real but it's not right And fishes can fly and marmalade's nice on rainy days when we stay inside
Aether 04:47
The parasail pear drops packed in the basement, I can recall the look on their faces, the frowns that once formulated the shape of the moon Your sideways smile marked my enchantment with the Christmas lights that sparked my imagining Higher and higher away above the Aether When problems melt in my blueberry fountain, our hearts collide and fly above mountains Flickering, twirling, above and around me 'till I'm blue No fare thee well's now cause we're closer to fuchsia, but we close our eyes despite of the nuisance We turn around and spin until we fall, in the aether What'll I do if I don't turn blue before the sunrise? The yellows collide and the fractions aren't right in my neon mind Fill me with air and send me way up there amongst the clouds One day I'll get up there Above the aether
Clooouds 03:31
Clouds form bubbles in the sky Slow and shallow, time's not time And that place is three moons and I can't get past that sky and it's all nothing Just like everything You flared by purple dust and shot out stars Becoming into nothing, it's all peaceful bliss Waves and waves all miscalculate and there's no logic or reason It's all purple dust Molecules of light form apples in the sky And crystals and diamonds always shine so bright But it's pale, oh so pale and I keep looking at the pastels But it's all in my head just like everything
My love that once was borrowed has come back to me The spring time shifts like melancholy bumblebees We used to dance in the snow but now the trees have lost their leaves Night time is all around Sunrise my thoughts collide We breathe like butterflies that cannot fly Wake me and I'll lay on sheets of gold and lace We'll wait for the sky to shine Morning time again, the love has left with the light The canopies of time collapsed through beams that were so bright Untie and unwind the carousel that chimes in time It tells me to close my eyes
Foot Foot 07:59
In my waking hours you're always there The room is laced with gold and nothing but honey Don't fall far too close 'cause I won't be there anymore


Moon Jelly are releasing their self titled debut on Bleeding Gold Records in the summer of 2013. This debut will be available first on cassette and digital download, just in time for Moon Jelly's first trek up the east coast. A 12" colored vinyl release will follow August 26th.

9/5: New World Brewery in Tampa:
9/6: Euglossine Dance District Release in Gainesville:
10/5: PLAN-B Blockparty in Tampa:


released May 20, 2013

Using everything from omnichords to tape machines, Moon Jelly have interpreted their vision into a sound collage journey from the ocean into the stars. Moon Jelly want you to explore the possibilities of creation with us. Together, we will find our home in the electromagnetic radiation.

Moon Jelly:
Anna Wallace - Vocals, Organ, Synthesizer, & Omnichord
Timothy Murray - Bass, Omnichord, & 4-Track Recordings
Brian Esser - Synthesizers, Drum Programming, & Effects
All Artwork By Kimberly Vang
Produced, Recorded, & Mixed By Brian Esser
Mastered by Joe Goodwin at Capricorn Studios (San Diego, CA)


all rights reserved


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