BG074 | Ophelie

by Blanche As A Name

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There were two girls.
The first one, Ophelie, was engaged.
The second one, Mary, was married.
Both of them had a terrible destiny.
That’s what we tell in our two songs “Ophelie” and “Judgment Day”.

Blanche as a Name are Sébastien and Bénédicte.
The writer is Bénédicte.
The composer is Sébastien.


released March 31, 2014

Recorded and mixed by Sébastien at Studio La chambre de Louis, except drums in Judgment Day by Auguste Manly at Studios Quadrature.
Written by Bénédicte Monat, composed by Sébastien Pasquet.
Mastered by Joe Goodwin at Capricorn Studios



all rights reserved
Track Name: Ophelie
I’ll never grow older
I’ll never know
What it feels to get strong
In front of my enemy
What it feels to sing songs
In front of my family

I’ll keep them all
Locked in my heart down
Oh oh lonely I grow
I’m just a girl here’s my life and that’s all
Here’s my life and that’s all
And I’m dancing alone

I’ve never stroked anyone
Never soiled any pall
Never killed any doll oh oh oh oh

Stream is cooling down
See the moonrise
Here’s my graveyard and that’s all and that’s all
I’ve never told anyone anyone
I have figured it out and for me life begins
All those forget-me-not around me
And that’s all that I need
Let me drift let me dance all alone
Track Name: Judgment Day
Mary whispers and cries
She hopes the judgement day
Will clean her fame away
She doesn’t want to die

Outdoors dawn is rising
She hears the noisy crowd
Spreading like a bugcloud
They’re waiting for the king

Here comes your knight
In a golden light
Here comes your knight
She looks at everyone
She swears she didn’t cheat
Taking an oath on it
She stares at the headsman

Here comes your knight
He will fight your blight
Here comes your knight

The king has settled down he opens the ritual
Mary is brought outside
She swears she never lied to her beloved king
The duel with spears begins

Here comes your knight
Your lover at night
Here comes your knight
For your fame he’ll fight
Here comes your knight
He’ll loose out of spite
Here comes your knight