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BG080 | I Hate You

by For Strangers & Wardens

I Hate You 03:42


'I Hate You' is a sardonic take on the modern break-up song. Catching it's protagonist at an embarrassing low in their internal monologue, it mimics the distress of a relationship's demise and transposes the grief into the tangible death of their ex; relating the emotional pain as actual physical harm. These actions are, of course, nothing more than a dark daydream. Once referred to as 'abhorrent' and 'disarmingly sweet' in the same sentence, 'I Hate You' is commiseration for any recently dumped friend who needs a few strong drinks and a little lighthearted pain relief in the form of a song. The first single from Old Wives’ Tales, Tim Mudd’s upcoming release with his group For Strangers & Wardens is a wry welcome to the LP's songs of darkness and redemption, scheduled for release in 2015.


released October 14, 2014

This is co-release with FSAW Records.


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