BG084 | Labryyynth



Includes Digital Download Card
Edition of 300
Release date: JAN 2015

**The first 30 copies include a POSTER!**

1. Traveling Strange
2. Sunlight
3. Beez Neez
4. Wrecking Ball
5. Ugly Orie
6. Plastic
7. Be My Champ
8. Oh Virginia
9. Antenna of Sin
10. Hold Me
11. Dwell

We are excited to present the new recording project from members of Golden Boots and Dr. Dog.

This is the incredible debut from LABRYYYNTH. The LP will be available in unique 70s Taiwanese-style-bootleg packaging (guaranteed you don’t have a modern record in packaging like this) from PIAPTK, Bleeding Gold, and Gray Sky Records.


released January 15, 2015